Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lemon DVD Review

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Lemon DVD Review

Synopsis: LEMON, brings to the screen Lemon Andersen's struggle to free his family from poverty and pain as he exposes his most shocking secrets on the NY stage. It follows Lemon's desperate battle to keep the past where it belongs and move into a brighter future. Redemption may lie within Lemon's grasp when none other than Spike Lee steps in to produce his show. The stakes are high. With the power of a cliffhanger, asks the larger question: Can any of us really escape the past?

Review: This documentary is a touching look at the poetry of Lemon Andersen and his struggle to elevate his family and his life.  We found this documentary to be challenging and though provoking, all the while providing us with an inspirational look into one man's journey.  We definately recommend it.

Interest Range: Drama

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