Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My First Collection Vol. 4 featuring Robot Zot DVD Review

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My First Collection Vol. 4 featuring Robot Zot DVD Review

Synopsis: My First Collection Vol. 4 is an engaging collection of stories certain to foster creativity and learning in your toddlers. Your toddlers will rhyme along with Robot Zot, learn the value of the appreciation in Too Many Toys, and be inspired to take small steps that can make big changes in the world with The Curious Garden.

Review:  Scholastic puts out some of the best DVD releases that we've seen for kids.  In an era where PBS is a political target, educational and quality programming for kids is certainly a concern.  This new collection features a ton of great "motion comic" style stories.  These are tales that are brought to life by animating the pictures.    Our kids couldn't wait to tear this open and watch these great stories, many of which they have read in school.  We highly recommend this one for all parents.

The special features include: Interviews with Too Many Toys author/illustrator and Robot Zot illustrator David Shannon, The Curious Garden author Peter Brown, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves author Julia Rawlinson and Lion and the Mouse author Jerry Pinkney

Interest Range: Kids, Animation

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