Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Beatles Stories DVD Review

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The Beatles Stories DVD Review

Synopsis: Songwriter Seth Swirsky grew up in the 1960s idolizing the Beatles their songs, their sound and their style. In 2004, he set out, video camera in hand, to talk to people who had crossed paths with his heroes. From Sir Ben Kingsley to Sir George Martin, and Beach Boy Brian Wilson to astronomer Brian Skiff, Swirsky filmed hundreds of personal recollections from people who knew them well to those who just had an unforgettable encounter. Others who shared their recollections of the Fabs include: actors Henry Winkler (aka 'The Fonz') and Jon Voight; former Beatles recording engineers Norman 'Hurricane' Smith, Ken Scott, and John Kurlander; musicians Smokey Robinson, Jackie DeShannon, Graham Nash, Davy Jones, Susanna Hoffs and Art Garfunkel, among dozens of others. Swirsky found stories in unexpected places getting Beatles intimates to open up neighbors, tour mates, business associates, even former girlfriends all telling stories you ve never heard before! Longtime Beatles friend and personal assistant Tony Bramwell calls Beatles Stories, 'A Magical Mystery Tour de Force!'

Review: The Beatles stories is a love letter to the first great rock and roll band.  The Beatles affected and changed so many lives both within and outside of the entertainment industry.  Seth Swirsky takes his camera around and talks to all types of famous people about what the Beatles meant to them.  This is a great watch, because you get rather specific and unique cander from famous types about an influence that we rarely get to hear about.  This DVD is a great watch for any Beatles fan.

Interest Range: Documentary

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