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Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900 Book Review

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Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900 Book Review

About the Book: Updated with nearly 30 high-quality vintage images, the second edition of this lavishly illustrated book provides irrefutable documentation of ladies' fashions worn in Victorian America from 1860 to 1900. Extensively researched using nineteenth-century fashion, beauty, etiquette, household, and medical literature, the book explores the fluctuations in clothing styles including undergarments, casual wear, sports clothes, common dress, evening attire, hairstyles, and jewelry, while tracing the fascinating impact fashion had on the mental, physical, and social lives of our Victorian ancestors. Chapters on personal hygiene, cosmetics, clothing manufacture, laundry, and the dating of vintage photographs are included, along with updated prices. The period photographs and detailed analysis provide a unique picture of the lives of Victorian women through their styles of dress. The second edition of this comprehensive and easy-to-read book is an invaluable resource to historians, theatrical costumers, genealogists, museum curators, and historical fashion and photography enthusiasts.

Our Take: This great book from Schiffer focuses on imagery and info on classic Victorian clothing.  This updated second edition of the book is FULL of fantastic images of clothing that shows how elegant and romantic the attire was.  The book covers everything from Victorian undergarments, casual and evening wear to hairstyles.  I have never seen such a fantastic and full collection of Victorian images all in one place.   This one is ideal for anyone studying vintage clothing or interested in the culture of the Victorian era.  We highly recommend it.

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