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Dick Tracy Blu-Ray Review

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Dick Tracy Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: On Blu-ray for the very first time - and with new digital restoration - the visually bold and striking Dick Tracy packs a wallop with picture and sound as sharp as Tracy's jaw. Imaginative performances color this extraordinary action flick directed by and starring Oscar-winner Warren Beatty (best director, Reds, 1981), Grammy-winning singer Madonna, Oscar-nominee Al Pacino (best supporting actor, Dick Tracy, 1990) and Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman (best actor, Rain Man,1988). When gang lord Big Boy Caprice unites the town's racketeers and gangsters, police detective Dick Tracy devotes his career to foiling the entire bunch of bad guys. Complete with richly evocative music - including Stephen Sondheim's Academy Award-winning "Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)" (best original song, 1990), Dick Tracy is a stunner in hi-def Blu-ray.

Review: I remember when Dick Tracy hit theaters..I saw it...wanted the toys, collected the trading cards..I loved it.  This was a bright and kitchy cops and robbers flick that rivaled 1989's Batman for tone and unique flavor of the time.  Warren Beatty plays a fantastic Tracy and the rogues gallery of villains are phenominal from Prune Face to Mumbles and Big Boy himself.  The film featured bright and jarring primary colors, which has always stuck with me and I found myself wondering how that was going to translate to blu-ray.  They would have to do a real work-up on the film to make sure that popped...and they did.  The colors are vibrant and restored, as is the picture for a fantastic high-definition experience.  This one is a must-add to your film library!

Interest Range: Comics, Action, Drama

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