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Heavyweights Blu-Ray Review

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Heavyweights Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: When an underdog group of kids discover their beloved summer camp has been sold to a crazy fitness fanatic who’s determined to make their lives miserable, they unite to turn the tables and take back their woodsy hideaway. You’ll fall in love with these Heavyweights – they’re big, loud, and proud, and ready to win their way into your heart. Experience the fun like never before on Disney Blu-ray with all new bonus!

Review: Heavyweights is a film that I never saw as a kid.  Originally released back in 1995 this early Ben Stiller performance is a great precursor to later character bits ranging from Dodgeball to Tropic Thunder.  I never saw this film as a kid, and I think it may hold more weight for you if you did as a cult film, but I did still appreciate Stiller's fantastic performance as a health maniac that takes over a fat camp and basically tortures the kids, trying to get them fit.  This film is fun and full of 90s style sappy kids movie moments, but thats really part of it's charm.  The movie looks phenominal in high-definition, so the new blu-ray is definately the way to go to add this film to your personal library. 

The special features on this blu-ray include: More Than 30 Deleted & Extended Scenes, Audio Commentary with Judd Apatow, Steven Brill, Allen Covert, Aaron Schwartz, Shaun Weiss, Tom Hodges & Special Guest Paul Feig, The Making of Heavyweights, Super 8 – Footage Shot by the Cast and Crew, Video Chat: Judd and Kenan, Where are they Now? - See the Kids All Grown Up, Judd's Art Project – His Bizarre Photos from the Set and Theatrical Trailer.

Interest Range: Comedy

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