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Jackie Chan: Crime Story / The Protector Blu-Ray Review

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Jackie Chan: Crime Story / The Protector Blu-Ray Review


Jackie Chan stars in one of his grittiest roles ever as a police detective on the edge, who must race against time to solve a deadly kidnapping case. Based on the shocking true story of a billionaire abducted in a bold ambush, and filled with explosive martial-arts battles, Crime Story pulses with tension and excitement. Director Kirk Wong (The Big Hit) deftly combines acrobatic fight choreography with edge-of-your-seat action for this thrilling and dramatic tour-de-force for Jackie Chan.


Written and directed by James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator), The Protector stars Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello (Do the Right Thing) as a pair of NYPD cops sent to Hong Kong to catch a drug lord who has kidnapped the daughter of his former associate. Also starring martial-arts star Moon Lee (Angel Force) and Roy Chiao (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), this thriller features Hollywood-style action sprinkled with Chan’s death-defying stunts.

Review: I've been a fan of Jackie Chan since the early 1990s.  His fantastic mix of comedy and extreme martial arts prowess have always made him a favorite of mine.  This new blu-ray 2-pack features a Chan classic, Crime Story, along with the Protector on high-definition blu-ray for the first time.  These are two fantastic Chinese martial arts flicks that showcase Chan's trademark acting quality along with his fantastic stunt work that has made Chan a superstar worldwide.  We highly recommend this set for any fan of Chan and martial arts film.

Interest Range: Martial Arts

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