Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bubble Guppies: On the Job! DVD Review

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Bubble Guppies: On the Job! DVD Review

Synopsis: The Bubble Guppies are discovering all types of jobs doctors, dentists, waiters, firefighters, zookeepers and more! Swim in to six underwater adventures all about different ways to work AND play with friends!

Review: Bubble, bubble, bubble..guppy, guppy, guppies!  Bubble. Bubble.  Guppies. Guppies.  Bubble Guppies! ...and that is the soundtrack to my life since my three year old discovered this Nick Jr. show.  He is absolutely in love with the Guppies.  He watches the show ALL the time..he has the toys..he snuggles with a Bubble Puppy at bedtime..he's all in.   This DVD showcases the Guppies taking on various jobs.

This DVD is  a great collection of six episodes that will delight your little one!  The Guppies are colorful, fun and full of good times.  This safe and fun programming is a win for any parent.  We HIGHLY recommend it!

Interest Range: Nick Jr., Animation

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