Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Storage Wars: Volume 4 DVD Review

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Storage Wars: Volume 4 DVD Review

Synopsis: Everyone's favorite modern-day treasure hunters continue on their quest for the extraordinary in 16 action packed all-new episodes of dramatic bidding intense rivalries and high-stakes entertainment. Storage Wars follows teams of bidders looking to score it big in the high stakes world of storage auctions.

Review: Storage Wars is a reality show that airs on A&E Network.  Its the show that started the craze of storage locker purchasing shows...oh and a huge surge in real life storage locker purchasing.  The characters on this show are fun, we love watching them all argue and fight and the items they "find" in the lockers are fun to learn about.  This show is always a good time, especially if you love learning about odd antiques and collectibles.

Interest Range: Storage Auctions, Reality TV

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