Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Robot Chicken: Season Six DVD Review

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Robot Chicken: Season Six DVD Review

Synopsis: Robot Chicken is back for its Sixth Season of hilariously insane, wackadoodle, totally off the wall stop-motion animation! This season's 20 brand spankin' new episodes will flash images across your retinas and flood your brains with an overabundance of mind-melting pop culture spoofery that will most likely cause your head to explode and leave a stain on the couch that will never come out (sorry Mom)!

Review: Where has Robot Chicken been all my life?!  I just recently discovered this show, thanks to their DC Comics special, and I'm completely taken.  This show is a nerdgasm time and time again.  The stop motion hilarity continues on this sixth season DVD!  There is also over two hours of bonus features, which are fantastic.  I cannot recommend this show enough.  Its particularly funny if you grew up in the 80s and 90s, or have at least since seen a lot of the cartoons of the era.  This is a must-have!

Interest Range: Cartoon Network

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