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Ancient Aliens: Season 5 Vol 2 DVD Review

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Ancient Aliens: Season 5 Vol 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: ANCIENT ALIENSr: SEASON 5, VOLUME 2 from HISTORYr investigates the topic from many angles. "Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs" explores whether ancient leaders, usually attributed with divine powers, were actually connected to extraterrestrial forces. "Alien Operations" examines advanced medical procedures practiced in the ancient world, as evidenced by wall carvings and skeletal remains. Did these skills come from an otherworldly source? Archaeologists ponder the healing power of ancient objects like sacred bones in "Mysterious Relics" and luminous, skull-shaped crystals in "The Crystal Skulls." Do these controversial artifacts hold the secrets to the universe? And were giant-winged deities known as Anunnaki responsible for ancient Sumerian leaps in advancement? 

Find out in "The Anunnaki Connection." This provocative collection also includes "The Satan Conspiracy," "The Power of Three" and "The Magic of the Gods.

Review: Ancient Aliens is one of the most unique shows on television and it airs on the History Channel.  This DVD release represents the second part of the fifth season.  I found quite a few of these episodes interesting, but particularly the one regarding the Anunnaki.  This series just keeps getting better and better as they unearth more theories and possibilities.  Its a lot of fun.

Interest Range: Documentary

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