Thursday, February 12, 2015

Batman: The Television Series: Season 2 Part One DVD Review

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Batman: The Television Series: Season 2 Part One DVD Review

Synopsis: These first 30 episodes of Batman's second season will take you on more perilous plots with fiendish foes trying to undo our undaunted heroes! From the torturous King Tut (Victor Buono) to a straying Catwoman to the provoking Joker (Cesar Romero), Batman and his Boy Wonder sidekick come face to face with a cape-full of criminal calamity.

Review: Fans of the classic Batman television show have waited impatiently for decades to get our beloved series on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Finally, we have the full series release, but if you can't afford that WB is doing you the service of releasing the seasons in volumes.  This latest release, season two, part one, features the first 30 episodes of the second season of the show.  Its hard to resist all the campy greatness, laughs and good times that this chapter of Batman's history brings. I've enjoyed sharing this series with my own kids, and reliving all the joy it brought me as a child. 

Interest Range: Batman, Comics, Superheroes, Vintage TV

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