Thursday, April 9, 2015

Workaholics: Season 5 Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray!

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Workaholics: SEASON 5

DVD & Blu-ray Release

Street Date: 6/23/15
Approx. Runtime:  286 minutes


Adam, Blake and Ders return for another season of misguided schemes and non-stop partying with Workaholics Season 5, now on DVD & Blu-ray. From schooling the competition in 80s trivia to crashing a DeMamp family funeral, these guys are fending off adulthood in style.

Episode List:
  1. Dorm Daze
  2. Front Yard Wrestling
  3. Speedo Racer
  4. Menergy Crisis
  5. Gayborhood
  6. Ditch Day
  7. Gramps DeMamp is Dead
  8. Blood Drive
  9. Wedding Thrashers
  10. Trivia Pursuits
  11. The Slump
  12. Peyote It Forward
  13. TAC in the Day

Bonus Features:
  • Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Uncensored Trailer
  • Behind the Scenes of the Trailer
  • #FreeTheButtCheeks and more!

Additional Info:
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    • Facebook -Over 2M Likes
    • Twitter – 309K Followers

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