Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baked in Brooklyn Blu-Ray Review

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  Baked in Brooklyn Blu-Ray Review

About the Movie:  David (Josh Brener, Silicon Valley) is hard-working, tenacious, and creative but in New York, that s not enough to keep a job. With no income, two impatient roommates, and a long-suffering girlfriend (Alexandra Daddario, SAN ANDREAS), he comes up with a way-out-of-the box-solution: selling marijuana over the internet.

Now he s a top earner, the best in the biz. An explosion of online clients and criss-crossing the boroughs on his bike means working day and night...and developing a habit of his own. But when demand exceeds his supply, and the threat of being caught or killed rises, David realizes he s in over his head.

Our Take: Its rare that I find a movie centered around pot that I enjoy. These types of films are usually geared towards stoners and don't have a lot for content. This one was surprisingly touching and funny at the same time.


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