Monday, November 7, 2016

Pokemon: Master Quest - The Complete Collection DVD Review

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Pokemon: Master Quest - The Complete Collection

About this DVD: With the Olivine City Gym temporarily out of commission, our heroes are off to the Whirl Cup Competition-and Misty wants in on the a ction! Resuming their journey, they find that Jessie, James, and Meowth aren't the only members of Team Rocket they need to worry ab out, though that dastardly trio still has a few tricks up their collective sleeve. After a heated battle with the final Gym Leader, Ash moves on to the Silver Conference, but does he have the mettle to take on his old rival, Gary?

Our Take: Pokemon is as popular as ever, if not more so, now that the Pokemon Go mobile game has taken the world by storm. This DVD set gives fans over twenty-three hours of Pokemon action! This set helps to wrap-up the final season of the Pokemon series. Viz is finally giving the fans the final portion of the classic cartoon we all love! The holiday season is coming up fast and this one would make an excellent gift for any Poke-fan, young or old!

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